2012 Any Hope For GOP?

Is there any hope for the runned down party AKA GOP. Can we recover from the media during the “Bush Years”? Can we recover from the wimps and sell-outs we have in congress. Why has our party lost it’s founding values? I wish I could answer these questions but I don’t find it appropriate for me to answer them… maybe cause I have a lack of sense. This is something horrible we are a crippled party someone has shot us. I don’t find it very soothing to say at this very moment that our party doesn’t have a true leader. (I’m expecting someone to say Rush is our leader.) (P.S Thank God he is not!). Who would you like to see step up and begin to lead our party? Personally for me I am a HUGE Huckabee fan and I believe he is better than anyone else I know to lead this crippled party. Also, I am a biased republican because I would have voted for him. I just don’t see anyone making a stand for OUR CORE values in this party today. It hurts me to think about Gay Marriage getting legalized everywhere while we continue not to make a stand, OR Abortion continuing to kill this poor little innocent babies. I thought EVERYONE had the right to LIFE,LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. What happened to that, our Founding Fathers would be disgusted today if they saw our country bailing out these disgusting companies. Ever heard of Free Market? Apparently, not. If you would make a comment on this topic answering this one question for me please. “Who do you see leading this party 2012?”

Your Fellow American,


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