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A Different View

Well this is the world of politics from a perspective of a 16 year old. Just to introduce my self. I’m Matthew Hunter, I will be updating this blog regularly with things that matter to me, current events or what so ever crosses my mind. I am a young backbone Conservative (expecting criticism here) from the deeper south of America, a place I sadly call home Florida. I’m not as proud of my state as I should be, It was disappointing when we became a blue state in the recent election. Now let me tell you about my stances on various issues.

  • I am Pro-Life Firmly
  • I want a fence on the border of Mexico, and if needed possible suppression of National Guard Troops.
  • I believe strongly in the Fair-Tax, instead of the penalizing tax system we have now.
  • I believe Marriage should be something between the church, otherwise one man and one woman. Unions should be up to the state.
  • I believe that States need more power in this country.
  • I demand a complete reformation of Education, and the failures it has shown us.
  • I believe in the Death Penalty whenever it is necessary.
  • I do believe that War is necessary and we should not fall into the lies the media has in front of us.

I will also be talking more on my stances on things, later in other of my posts. I do a radio show Monday,Tuesday and Friday at 6PM EST Time… You can listen here

Your Fellow American,