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War isn’t the Answer, its the Solution.

Everyone either believes that war is the answer or it isn’t the answer. I do not believe in both of the statements. War in some problems is the solution. Why solution you may ask, its like a math problem with an answer for 2+2 there is only one correct answer and as we all know it is 4. Lets compare the definitions of these two most used words.

Solution – the act of solving a problem, question.

Answer – a correct response to a question asked to test one’s knowledge.

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Your first thought is, they have the same meaning but once you look into the definition you comprehend they are totally different. Solution “the act of solving” and Answer “a correct response”. After saying that don’t get me wrong War inst the solution to everything, in no means is that what I mean. War is something that we shouldn’t chicken out of or drop out when the job isn’t even completed. I believe we do need to gradually withdraw our troops from Iraq. I do believe we need to progress a little faster than we currently are doing. We do need to send more troops over there and it will end up actually speeding up the process of withdraw. I believe that war can sometimes not be the solution, lets say for example Russia decides they want to make a tv show just making fun of every American possible and act stupid, in all means that is absolutely no reason for a war. This is just my two cents, feel free to leave your input. Constructive Criticism is certainly welcome.

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A Different View

Well this is the world of politics from a perspective of a 16 year old. Just to introduce my self. I’m Matthew Hunter, I will be updating this blog regularly with things that matter to me, current events or what so ever crosses my mind. I am a young backbone Conservative (expecting criticism here) from the deeper south of America, a place I sadly call home Florida. I’m not as proud of my state as I should be, It was disappointing when we became a blue state in the recent election. Now let me tell you about my stances on various issues.

  • I am Pro-Life Firmly
  • I want a fence on the border of Mexico, and if needed possible suppression of National Guard Troops.
  • I believe strongly in the Fair-Tax, instead of the penalizing tax system we have now.
  • I believe Marriage should be something between the church, otherwise one man and one woman. Unions should be up to the state.
  • I believe that States need more power in this country.
  • I demand a complete reformation of Education, and the failures it has shown us.
  • I believe in the Death Penalty whenever it is necessary.
  • I do believe that War is necessary and we should not fall into the lies the media has in front of us.

I will also be talking more on my stances on things, later in other of my posts. I do a radio show Monday,Tuesday and Friday at 6PM EST Time… You can listen here

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